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The Future of Interaction

Nov 17, 2011 - In his article A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction, Bret Victor counters the status quo and a recent video from Microsoft projecting the future of interaction. Victor argues that, while the future does encapsulate using our hands, the future is tactile and not touching glass or ‘Pictures Under Glass.’ He summarizes his argument as: In [...]

Fueling the Organic Growth Cycle for Web Products

May 24, 2010 - Growing a vast customer base for an online product is a complex process that encompasses marketing, product development, and luck. However, it is possible to stack the odds in your favor and to make the best of your marketing dollars by creating a product experience that fosters the organic growth cycle. The Organic Growth Cycle For all [...]

Preview of Nokia’s New Symbian 4 OS

Jan 20, 2010 - Nokia has started circulating specifications and previews of its new Symbian^4 OS interface and interaction design (via Some notable improvements include: New interface layout and interaction structure (see diagrams below) Consistent look and feel across all applications Contextual menus providing quicker access to common actions Customizable home screen New Interaction Models in Symbian^4 Below are some diagrams from the Symbian^4 [...]

iPhone’s One Big Problem

Jan 18, 2010 -

Web Squared: What It Means for Product Design

Sep 29, 2009 - It has been five years since John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly launched their Web 2.0 Conference. The Web has changed immensely in that short period. Since 2004, web-enabled mobile devices have gained wide-spread adoption, all kinds of devices have started interfacing with the internet, events on the Web have started occurring in real-time, and we [...]

The Evolution and Future of Web 2.0

Aug 12, 2009 - John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly recently published a fascinating white paper on the evolution of the Web (PDF). The report, titled Web Squared: Web 2.0 Five Years On gives an excellent analysis of the last five years of Web 2.0, current trends, and where the Web is heading in the future. Battelle and O’Riley write [...]

LG Recognized for its Mobile User Interface

Jul 7, 2009 - LG ARENA won the IF Communication Design Award for the 3D S-Class User Interface featured on its latest handset, LG ARENA, which was awarded Gold in the Product Interfaces category. The interface, which won over all graphic user interfaces in several product categories, is used on LG’s other high-end phones, namely: Viewty Smart (LG-GC900), [...]

Designing the Mobile Home Screen According to Nokia

May 28, 2009 - Extending the conversation around its “blood, sweat and tears” process, Nokia’s design team tells the story of the making of its upcoming N97 homescreen. Discovering at the outset that, “of the total time you spend using your mobile phone, on average 85 per cent of that time is spent on your homescreen,” the team went [...]

Awesome Concept Mobile Phones in 2009

Apr 3, 2009 - Wired reports on some really amazing concept phones - think Dick Tracy. One concept phone from Kyocera folds like it’s made of semi-rigid rubber.

Dimensions of Compelling Mobile Experiences

Mar 27, 2009 - Dave Zuverink, a Senior User Research Specialist on Adobe XD’s Mobile and Devices team, wrote a compelling article on the five dimensions of successful mobile application experiences. He lists: Core: the fundamentals which support the principle “form follows function” Social: taking advantage of the platform’s intrinsic communication focus Contextual: being aware of physical location (also, based on comments [...]

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